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When you hear the word Alaska, the fishermen think fishing trip, and the rest of us just think fantastic, unforgettable vacation. Just the name conjures up thoughts of fantastic Alaska fishing trips and trophy size fish. After your fishing trip to Alaska, send us some photos to share with others.

Alaska fishing trips can be on the ocean or try freshwater and fish the many rivers and lakes. There is no shortage of water to choose from when you are planning a fishing trip in Alaska. Another bonus of your trip to Alaska, is that you take the fish home to eat as you share your Alaskan fishing trip tales with friends. You can go fishing "on your own" or hire a charter boat or guide to take care of the mundane tasks that you don't want to be bothered with.

The fishing trip to Alaska that you plan will need to take into consideration the type of fish that you are after and the time of year will make a difference as well.

When you say Alaska fishing, there is something and someplace for every type of fisherman. Once a fishing trip to Alaska was a major undertaking. Now with the way that the world is "shrinking" because of the fast transportation, it is possible for almost everyone that desires it, to take a trip to Alaska for fishing, hunting, sight seeing or just plain relaxing. There are so many different options to choose from, that planning an Alaskan fishing vacation is fairly easy. The hardest part is deciding where to go and what to do with the limited amount of time that you will have to spend.

No matter how much time you choose to spend in Alaska, you will leave wishing that you could stay just a little bit longer.

It is true that Alaska is known for its hunting and fishing trips but, there are other activities that you can take advantage of. You can spend days wandering around, checking out the wildlife. Alaska is a photographers dream come true. The modern cities to the remote indian villages offer such a diverse culture to enjoy. Check out the glaciers close up. How close you get depends on your taste for adventure.

The purpose of this web site, is to try and give you as much information about Alaska that we can, to help make these decisions easier for you.

Check out some of the following links and remember that this web site is a "work in progress" so check back often for new additions.

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